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Minister Evelyn Anite(R) awarding one of the best students

Finance state minister for privatization and investment Evelyn Anite has challenged millions of Uganda’s unemployed youth to “hunt for jobs instead of waiting on connections.” 

“Most of the graduates become too lazy to hunt for jobs because they want to be connected, my advice to you is to go out into the world and look for a job or create one,” she told guests while officiating at Ibanda University’s seventh graduation ceremony. 

She added that: “I did not use connection to get a job, move away from the culture that to get a job you have to be connected.” 

According to Anite, youths should also consider volunteering amidst a major job scarcity. 

“The country has few jobs in the public service. So, as a fresh graduate- try volunteering in some companies and slowly by slowly time will come when you get employed,” she advised hundreds in Ibanda Municipality on Friday. 

Businessman Patrick Bitature, who is one of the Ibada University directors, also advised the graduands to be trustworthy. “Be patient, you can start small and achieve your long-term goals instead of having high expectations that can frustrate your whole future. But also, when you get that dream job be trustworthy,” he remarked. 

Jeeb Rwomushana, another director, asked the government to create more employment opportunities for graduates. 

“For example, set up more industries to absorb these graduates we have skilled. This will help in reducing the high employment rates the country is facing,” he said. 

Ibanda University Vice Chancellor Prof Samson James Opolot decried limited access to internet services by the university but also reminded the government to fulfil the presidential pledge of a bus for the learning institution. 

“Our guest of honor, you are aware that we are now in a digital world, but we hardly access internet services. We request the government to help us get reliable internet access. The president also pledged to give us a 65-seater bus. Kindly help us in making sure this is fulfilled,” he said said. 

At the graduation, 668 students were awarded degrees, diplomas and certificates in different disciplines.