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Minister inspecting

Lagan Dott, the company contracted to develop key enabling infrastructure including roads, drainage systems and fibre optics in the Kampala Industrial and Business Park also known as Namanve industrial park has said it is committed to complete works in time.

On Tuesday, the state minister for Privatization and Investment, Evelyn Anite inspected the ongoing works in the industrial park.

Speaking during the inspection, Anite said whereas the works are still behind schedule, she is optimistic the contractor will finish in time.

“Whereas the contractor is at 40% with one year left to end the contract, I am sure they will work day and night to complete in time. Everyone should remember Covid was here and all that time work could not go on. We don’t want to go into penalties but we are going to sit down with them and see how they finish the remaining percentage,” Anite said.

The minister however insisted that he is so far impressed with the work done by Lagan Dott in Namanve industrial park.

“I am quite impressed because I saw from when the place was bushy and swampy to now having a tarmac but it is also impressive that the contractor is going to drain all the water from the industrial park through River Namanve to Lake Victoria. The contractor has explained to me very well the processes they are going through to ensure work is completed.”

The Ugandan government in 2019 secured €249million (approximately shs1 trillion) from the UK Export Finance to develop key enabling infrastructure in the Namanve industrial park.

The project was handed to a joint venture by UK company, Lagan Group Limited and Dott Services Limited and will see the development of the road network, water distribution network including a reservoir, sewerage network including underground sewer pipes, waste treatment plant, CCTV network, solar street lighting and firefighting equipment for the entire industrial park.

Speaking on Tuesday, Eng. Andrew Bamanya from Lagan Dott said there were delays due to the Covid pandemic but also numerous studies that they needed to undertake before commencing the actual works.

“One year was for intensive designs where we had to carry out numerous studies to understand the environment, the existence of different factory owners and their needs requirement. After we had that done, we started execution and since this was a swamp, we had to start by rock fill and allow it to settle to avoid having cracked surfaces. We took a lot of time and now eventually we have layed the subsequent layers,”Bamanya said.

“We are on course to complete the work in time because what takes longer are the foundational stages which are now complete and what is remaining takes a shorter time to complete.”